Tuesday, March 29, 2011

July 1-4, "SOCIALISM CONFERENCE 2011: Revolution in the Air!"

Chicago, Illinois | www.socialismconference.org

Featured Speakers: Anthony Arnove Omar Barghouti John Carlos Todd Chretien Mark Clements Paul D'Amato Steve Early Egyptian Activists Sam Farber Joel Geier Anand Gopal Paul LeBlanc Alan Maass Marlene Martin Khury Petersen-Smith Mostafa Omar Jennifer Roesch Ahmed Shawki Sharon Smith Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Sherry Wolf Dave Zirin
From the Middle East to the American Midwest, working people have come together to make their own history.

In 2011, mass mobilizations have ousted seemingly unmovable dictatorships, and hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers have rallied to draw the line against union busting and scapegoating of public-sector workers for budget crises unleashed by Wall Street’s disastrous profit seeking.

After years of devastation in the clutches of the Great Recession, masses of people are discovering their power to change the world. The movements sweeping the Middle East, from Tunis to Cairo to Tripoli, have revived the politics of class struggle and revolution for the 21st century. Instead of cutbacks, unemployment and repression that our rulers offer us, solidarity in struggle shows that "another world is possible."

Socialism 2011 will provide an unparalleled opportunity for new and veteran activists and scholars to discuss what these events mean for our world, and for our own movements today.

Last year, more than 1,500 people turned out to explore the history of struggles of ordinary people, to learn about radical figures who led social movements and to debate theoretical questions that can help us change the world.

Don’t miss the chance to meet, talk and hang out with hundreds of others like you who want to build an alternative to a system of greed, racism, war and oppression.

Join us for more than 100 talks on topics such as:
Capitalism, Climate Change, and the Future of Humanity • Obama and Black Politics • Is a Second Recession Coming? • Breaking the Siege of Gaza • Is Human Nature a Barrier to Socialism? • The ABC's of Marxism • Can a Revolution Happen Here?

What they say about past Socialism Conferences...

"The young people at the conference took me back in time to when you were ready to stand for what was right. It lets you know that what you may have planted years ago will come to reality today. I feel great to have become a part of it."
Dr. John Carlos, 1968 Olympic bronze medalist who raised the Black Power salute.

"Socialism conferences are exciting gathering places for students and young activists, for revolutionary scholars and fighters for social justice, to share ideas and experiences that can help us understand and change the world. I've been to a couple—it's not enough. I'm coming again."
Paul LeBlanc, socialist and author

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