Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thurs 10/27- Slavery & the Origins of Racism

an Educational Presentation and Discussion on

Slavery and the Origins of Racism: A Marxist Perspective


Thursday October 27th
Wheatley Floor 1 Room 30

Where does racism come from? Has it always existed? What's the relationship between slavery, capitalism, and the origins of racism? Understanding where racism comes from is central to understand how to end it. Join the U Mass Boston International Socialist Organization in an educational meeting on slavery and the origins of racism. Please read the accompanying article "Slavery and the Origins of Racism" from the International Socialist Review to help prepare for the discussion. This will be the first in a series of meetings on the topic of Marxism and Oppression leading up the the New England Marxism Conference on November 12-13th. We will also be discussing how to build for the conference on campus with other students, activists, professors, and faculty followed by a section on assessing the the Occupy Boston/U Mass Movement organizing.

Proposed Agenda:
1) Slavery & the Origins of Racism: Talk followed by a discussion-45 min

2) Continuing to build for the New England Marxism Conference on campus- 30 min

3) Assessing the Occupy Boston/U Mass Movement- 30 min

4) Announcements- 5 min