Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UMass Boston International Socialist Organization
Presents an Organizing Meeting on

"Building the Socialist Alternative in a Time of
Global Resistance"

Thursday, Oct 20
Wheatley First Floor, Room 30

Proposed Agenda

1. Accessing Occupy Boston/ Occupy UMass Organizing (30 minutes)

2. How to build the New England Marxism Conference (40 minutes)

3. Q&A about the upcoming Boston ISO Day School on "Lenin and the Revolutionary Party" by Paul LeBlanc (20 minutes)

As the Occupy movement goes national and global masses of people are finding a vehicle through which they can express their outrage and begin to organize against a system based on corporate greed, oppression, and inequality. The idea of protest and resistance is no longer a relic of history for millions of Americans. But where should this movement go? What should it fight for and how will people achieve the radical social change so many want to see? Join the U Mass Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization for an organizing meeting themed on exactly this question. We will be discussing the Occupy Boston movement and the developing Occupy UMass organizing, how to build for the ISO's upcoming New England Marxism Conference and the Boston ISO's upcoming Day School on Lenin and the Revolutionary Party by Paul LeBlanc.

All are welcome!

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