Sunday, November 27, 2011

"No He Won't" For Black America: Racism in the Age of Obama

UMB International Socialist Organization weekly organizing meeting:

Thursday December 1st
Room 33 Wheatley Building
U Mass Boston

The election of the first African American presidents brought tremendous hope for the possibilities of progressive social change. But after two years in office Obama has done virtually nothing to address the needs of working class and poor black Americans while continuing all the worst features of the Bush Administration; bail outs for Wall St., budget cuts to education, escalating wars abroad, slashing civil liberties at home. The experience of Obama's Administration illustrates the need for radical structural changes in addressing institutionalized racism. Join us for this discussion on racism in the age of Obama and what type of changes it will take to fully eradicate racism. We will also be discussing building for our upcoming public forum on Black Liberation and Socialism along with brainstorming ideas for how to fund raise for the ongoing Center for Economic Research and Social Change Fund Drive.

Please check out these articles from by socialist and activist Keeanga-YamahttaTaylor to help inform the discussion
Also, check out this phenomenal lecture by author, lawyer, and activist Michelle Alexander on The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Proposed Agenda

1) "No He Won't" Racism in the Age of Obama 50 min
2) Building for our Black Liberation and Socialism Forum 25 min
3) Center for Economic Research and Social Change Fund Drive! 25 min
4) Announcements 5 min