Saturday, December 24, 2011



"Revolutionary Organization

and Lessons from Revolution”

2011 was an amazing year, full of revolutions and resistance... 2012 should be even bigger! Global revolt and revolution has swept the globe, but questions still remain. How do we organize ourselves to transform society? What does a successful revolution look like? What is the role of a revolutionary socialist party? Over the winter break, join the ISO in reading and discussing the following selections.

By arming ourselves with the theory and history of class struggle, we can truly challenge the power of the 1%!

Group Discussion Dates TBA... Get started reading early!

Marxism and the Party (John Molynieux)

Author John Molynieux examines the contributions of several Marxist revolutionaries to the development of socialist organization. How should the Party relate to the broader movement or working class? What kind of democracy or centralism do we want within the Party? These questions, and more, will be taken up – all with an emphasis on practical, real world application for today.

Trotsky's Marxism (Duncan Hallas) (free download)

Author Duncan Hallas provides an excellent introduction to the politics of Leon Trotsky, a leading Russian revolutionary and Marxist theoretician. How should socialists work with other political forces? How can the 99% of every country take part in the fight for human liberation? Learning the politics of Trotsky arms today's revolutionaries with a wealth of knowledge to transform our world.

The Bolsheviks Come to Power (Alexander Rabinowitch) – Selected Chapters TBD

An insightful examination of the 1917 Russian Revolution, author Alexander Rabinowitch doesn't just give a basic history. Exploring the changing situation and aspirations of workers, soldiers, and Baltic fleet sailors in Petrograd, Rabinowitch’s classic account reveals the critical link between the Bolshevik Party’s revolutionary tactics and the Petrograd masses. Every socialist and radical should read this book – within it contains innumerable lessons for those interested in seriously challenging the 1%.

All books can be purchased from the ISO District. Please e-mail if you need any of the following titles!