Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update on Free Speech Campaign: It's not over--we still need your hlep!

Thank you for the ongoing support throughout our campaign in fighting political repression at UMass Boston and working to create a university that encourages student activity instead of challenging it. Every email sent to the administration and every signature on our petition has made a tremendous difference and has put us in a great position to win. The public show of solidarity through petitions, emails and attempts to participate in our hearings has most definitely put pressure on the administration and they are now granting us one more hearing so they can completely hear us out on the case. 
That being said, this is not over. Our funds are still frozen and we are still depending on your solidarity in our efforts to pressure the university to grant us our funds. In order to win this we need to flood their e-mail in boxes with messages of support!

Please continue to:
  • Sign and share the petition through facebook, email, etc.
  • Write emails to Student Events and Organizations Chair Ignacio Chaparro (seoc@umbgov.com), Student Activities director Shelby Harris (Shelby.harris@umb.edu) and Chancellor J. Keith Motley (chancellor@umb.edu).
  • And please join us at our final hearing this Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 at 3:00 P.M. in Room 3315 of the Campus Center. 
While it is very important to us that we get our funds as soon as possible so that we can use them to build upcoming events, this campaign is most importantly about the fight for winning a different kind of university. We need a university where students have a bigger voice and more power to participate in decision making. We need a university that encourages critically thinking and activism. Students should be rewarded for trying to engage with the issues that are affecting our lives not punished. Winning this campaign would be an important step forward for the possibilities of winning such a school. 

For more backround information please check out our statement published on SocialistWorker.org-- U Mass Stifles Free Speech