Thursday, March 10, 2011

Defend Worker Rights! Join the Caravan to Madison, WI!!

Defend Workers Rights!
Caravan to Madison, Wisconsin for Saturday Labor Rally!

On Wednesday night the WI Republicans circumvented the out-of-state Democrats and voted to ELIMINATE collective bargaining! This isn't just an attack on Wisconsin public workers, this is an attack on ALL working people! As Micheal Moore said on the Rachel Maddow show last night, "There has been a one sided class war for 30 years...they have aroused a sleeping giant and it is called the working people and now they are saying "WE HAVE HAD IT!"

Already, as early as 2am Thursday morning thousands of people had converged in front of the State Capitol building and thousands have re-occupied the building itself! Wisconsin labor unions have called for a national labor rally THIS Saturday- expected to be the largest thus far.

Be apart of making history and join students and others from across Boston in a city wide caravan out to Madison Wisconsin! We will be meeting up with other students from Worcester and Amherst along the way! Some will stay for just the Saturday rally, but if others want to stay for part of spring break transportation can be arranged.

Even if you don't have a means of transportation- come to the meet up spot! Hopefully enough people will come with vehicles so everyone can come out.

Meet at the SEIU Building Parking Lot
150 Mt Vernon St, Dorchester MA
Be there for 11am!
*5 min walk from the JFK/UMASS stop

For more information please contact Keegan O'Brien. 617 584 5302.