Monday, March 7, 2011

Thurs 3/10 UMB ISO Mtg- Revolution in Libya & "The Meaning of Marxism"

Weekly Public Organizing Meeting

Support the Revolution & Oppose US Intervention: A Discussion on Libya

Libyan protesters insist they don't want military intervention by the West

"The Meaning of Marxism" Discussion One
The Meaning of Marxism

Thursday March 10th


Room 47

1st Floor Wheatley Building


What began as a popular revolution in Libya for democracy and economic reform has been met with brutal and devastating repression from the Qaddafi regime. As the people of Libya continue to fight change the United States along with other Western powers are attempting to exploit the situation to their advantage by proposing a U.S. or United Nations intervention.

The revolution in Libya alone has illuminated important divisions amongst the American and International Left, should we support the Qaddafi regime as an "anti-imperialist" force or support the revolution? Now with the threat of US/Western intervention this is raising even more questions- would a US/UN benefit or hurt the people of Libya? What would be it's purpose? Come here the case for unapologetic support for revolution alongside opposition to any form of Western intervention. Afterward, participate in an open discussion on the issue. Opposing perspectives are encouraged and all ideas are welcome, even if you disagree.

Suggested Articles

1) No U.S. Intervention in Libya

2) Taking Sides About Libya

3) Democracy Now! Video: Gaddafi Forces Launch New Attacks, Reports on the Ground from a Divided Libya

"The Meaning of Marxism" by Paul D'Amato

As socialists we want to educate ourselves in order to better understand the world. But we aren't armchair, academic Marxists. We want to educate ourselves so that we can put those ideas into action and change the world. In the second half of the meeting we propose to discuss the first part of the book, The Meaning of Marxism, by Paul D'Amato (Introduction and Chapters 1-3).

Proposed Agenda

1) A Discussion on Libya: Support the Revolution & Oppose Intervention - 45 min

2) "The Meaning of Marxism" Discussion One - 60 min

3) Motivation for the Boston ISO District-Wide Day School on Leninism and the Revolutionary Party - 10 min

Proposed Reading: "What Is To Be Done?" By V.I. Lenin