Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meet at 11am at Park St T for a premeeting with other UMass Boston students with the International Socialist Organization
March starts at noon at the gazebo in Boston Commons
Workshops will take place at Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor, Chinatown. The building has a small step in the entry way and an elevator. All workshops are free.

The Power of Language by Kali at 3PM to 3:30PM
Partner Violence by Network La Red at 4PM to 4:30PM
Men's Role in Preventing Rape & Sexual Assault by Northeastern Sport in Society at 4:30PM to 5PM
SlutStyles (on polyamory and non-monogamy) by Honey from Poly Boston at 5PM to 5:30PM
2,400 people have RSVPed so far on facebook!
This event is inclusive to all genders, all sexual orientations, all races, all ethnicities. This event will not only entail standing up against rape culture and slut-shaming, but will also create an environment of grrrl love and a sense of solidarity.

We will be marching in protest of rape culture and slut-shaming, and ending with speakers, including feminist Jaclyn Friedman, workshops, and other activities!

What is Rape Culture: The culture that makes it okay for women to be raped. For example, blaming the victim because she was either scantily clad or drunk. Women are also punished by rape culture for being sexual, because often a woman can't be taken seriously in court if she confesses or is suspected to have had multiple sexual partners.

What is slut-shaming: Slut-shaming is when an individual or a group of people put down a woman based on the number of sexual partners she has or had. Slut-shaming correlates with rape culture, because as was said before, a rape victim can be automatically dismissed if called a slut.

Why are we doing a Slutwalk: To promote awareness that rape culture is an ongoing problem in our society and that slut shaming is NEVER okay in any form, whether it be verbal or physical.

See you tomorrow at 11 am at Park St T!