Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/25 Branch Meeting: All Out for NEMC!

The UMB branch of the ISO's weekly branch meeting

Building for the New England Marxism Conference

Thursday October 25th
7:00 pm
Wheatley 1st Floor Room 030

Proposed Agenda
Building for the New England Marxism Conference 60 min
Millions of people have come to the understanding that capitalism isn’t working. And millions of people around the world- from mine workers in South Africa to students in Quebec to teachers in Chicago – are fighting back. Marxism provides a revolutionary understanding and strategy for ridding society of exploitation and oppression once and for all. We want more than just resistance – we want to win. The New England Marxism conference aims to arm a new generation of activists with the politics and theory necessary to fight for different world.

With the conference approaching this weekend there is a real urgency in making sure that we can register as many students as possible. Interested in coming? Want to help build the socialist left at UMass? Join us for a discussion on where we are at in the process of building for the conference and next steps we need to take to make sure we can reach our goal of bring 20 students from UMB.