Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Branch Meeting: November 1st @ 7 PM

Growing the ISO on Campus
Assessing the Conference & Next Steps
"How the 1% conjured a monster storm" by Chris Williams

Thursday, November 1st, 7 PM
Wheatley Hall 1st Floor Room 030

Proposed Agenda
1) Post Conference Branch Assessment: Growing the ISO at UMB -- 40 min

2) District Forum "Frankenstorm and Climate Change" featuring "Ecology and Socialism" Author Chris Williams -- 30 Min
Please read "How the 1% conjured a monster storm" from

3) Center for Economic Research and Social Change Fund Drive -- 20 min

4) Boston ISO District Day School on "Bolsheviks Come to Power" by Alexander Rabinowitch -- 15 min

Descriptions for each section of the meeting

1) Post Conference Branch Assessment

The New England Marxism Conference was a smashing success--drawing out over 250 people. The conference confirms the growing radicalization against capitalism and the increasing opening for radical anti-system politics; in particular Marxism and socialism. At the same time, the Boston ISO struggled to draw out the the large number of people interested in revolutionary politics that we potentially. could have.

Moving forward, the keys goals for the entire district are winning over more people to the ISO's revolutionary party building project and training our members into socialist leaders and activists so that we can lead effectively in the many more resistance movements that lie ahead of us; regardless of who's in office.  Developing a systematic routine around contact work, a plan for public forums, and a long term vision for political education are all key.

Join us for a discussion on how to accomplish these goals on campus!

2) District Forum: "Frankenstorm and Climate Change"

From the BP Oil Spill to the recent destruction of Hurricane Cindy it's being made clear to millions that capitalism is on a collision course with humanity. The urgency of winning people to a project of revolutionary social change to save our planet is becoming more and more important. This meeting will make the case between capitalism and climate change and the urgent need for a socialist alternative to save the planet and humanity from the destruction of capitalism.

Join us for a discussion on why this forum is important and how we can best build it at UMB.

*the exact date (Nov 8th or 15th) and location (single district event or tour with meetings @ each branch) will be determined ASAP and are based on speakers availability.

3) CERSC Fund Drive

The Center for Economic Research and Social Change is a non profit organization that helps public Haymarket Books, the International Socialist Review, and helps to organize the annual Socialism Conference in Chicago, IL. Every year CERSC holds a fund drive to raise money for it's important projects that contribute to the rebuilding of an independent left. Join us for a conversation about why this fund drive matters and how we can raise money at UMB.

4) District Day School on "Bolsheviks Come to Power"

From Chicago, to Greece, to Egypt, as we live through another era of global economic crisis and mass resistance to capitalism, a new generation is coming to recognize the need for revolutionary change.  Contrary to the 1%'s attempts to demonize it, the Russian Revoluton provides tremendous lessons for those fighting for an alternative today.

The Russian Revolution is the most important moment in working class history. It was a time when workers overthrew capitalism and created a system of workers democracy; socialism. The Bolshevik party led the Revolution and was instrumental in securing it's successful outcome. The Boston ISO will be discussing "The Bolshivicks Come to Power" to learn about this important moment in revolutionary history. Join us for a discussion on why this reading is important today and how we can build for it on campus.