Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Week's Branch Meeting: 10/18

The UMB branch of the ISO's weekly branch meeting

Building for the New England Marxism Conference &
The Walmart Strikes: Fight Back, Live Better

Thursday October 18th
7:00 pm
Wheatley 1st Floor Room 030

Proposed Agenda
Building for the New England Marxism Conference 40 min
Facebook RSVP for the Conference here!

2) Organizing the Meaning of Marxism 30 nin

3) Fight Back, Live Better: The Walmart Strikes 30 min
 Please read Fight back, Live better from

The New England Marxism conference aims to arm a new generation of activists with the politics and theory necessary to fight for different world. With the conference slightly over a week away there is a real urgency in making sure that we can register as many students as possible. Interested in coming? Want to help build the socialist left at UMass? Join us for a discussion on where we are at in the process of building for the conference and next steps we need to take to make sure we can reach our goal of bring 20 students from UMB.

For decades, Wal-Mart has been a symbol of greed and union-busting in an era when Corporate America has been running a "race to the bottom" to make workers work longer and harder for less and less. The "beast of Bentonville" has fought tooth and nail against every attempt by employees to organize a union--and won each battle so far. But the strikes at Wal-Mart warehouses and stores could be a sign that the tide has finally turned. The courage and determination of Wal-Mart workers should inspire labor and social justice activists to take the next steps forward in the struggle against corporate greed and power.