Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thursday Sept 20th, 7:00 PM: Weekly Branch Meeting

The UMB branch of the ISO's weekly branch meeting
An Intro to the ISO's Politics &
Learning from the Chicago Teachers Strike

Thursday September 20th
7:00 pm
Wheatley 1st Floor Room 030

Proposed Agenda
1) "Where We Stand" packet discussion -40 min
Please read "Where We Stand" Packet and/or listen to Intro to Politics of ISO

2) CTU Strike- 30 min
Please read Chicago Teachers Are Fighting for All of Us

3) Building the Quebec Student Strike forum- 30 min
Please read Quebec Teaches Another Lesson

4) Announcements 5 min 

What is socialism? How do we end oppression? What have workers revolutions looked like in the past? Why do we need a revolutionary party? These are just some of the many topics covered in the ISO's "Where We Stand" packet. Interested in learning more about the ISO's politics and the ideas of revolutionary socialism? Then join us for a discussion of the ISO's "Where We Stand" packet at this week's branch meeting!

Nearly 30,000 teachers in Chicago are on strike to fight for quality public schools and to stop the 1%'s mission of privatizing education. What's at stake is not just the future of Chicago but the future of public education nation-wide. The CTU is showing the country what is will take to stop the 1%'s never ending austerity and turn back the tide of school closings and privatization. Join us for a discussion of the strike in Chicago, why it's significant, and what can be done to build solidarity here in Boston.

In Quebec, students have just won a months long general strike against tuition and fee increases in public higher education. Despite a media black out in the U.S. the student strike in Quebec holds many lessons for students in the states who are also battling increasing fees, student debt, and privatization. Activists from the strike in Quebec will be coming to Boston on Sept 27th to talk about their victory and we are working with students from across the city to build the event. Come join us for a discussion on the strike in Quebec and building for the upcoming forum.