Monday, March 25, 2013

Branch Meeting 3/28

Steubenville is the norm:
How can we fight rape culture?

Thursday March 28, 2013, 5:30 PM
Campus Center, 2nd Floor, Room 2545, UMass Boston

Proposed Agenda:

1) Discussion: "How can we fight rape culture?" -- 30 min
Please read the article "How can we fight rape?"

Additional resources:

“Guilty verdicts are only a start”
“The Fight Against Rape Culture & Sexual Violence” (video)

3) Building for our forum "The Fight against Sexism & Rape Culture" -- 60 min
4) Socialism 2013: What it is and why you should go! -- 30 min

The case in Steubenville, OH has shown a light on a reality that has been obvious for many women all along. We live in a deeply sexist society -- one that sympathizes with the perpetrators of sexual violence while all too often blaming their victims. Through the activism of thousands, both online and offline, Jane Done has received support and some justice. But what comes next, especially for the millions of Jane Doe's and others out there?

The two guilty verdicts are a start, but we also have to build a society that tells young men that they aren't entitled to have access to women's sexuality. We have to address what real consent means. And we especially have to challenge the institutions--the sports teams and coaches, the frat houses and college administrations, the military officials--that perpetuate a sexist culture in which rape is allowed to happen." - Nicole Colson, from

Join the International Socialist Organization to discuss the recent case in Steubenville and how we might fight sexism today.